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Texas Immunization Guidelines

Texas Immunization Guidelines

The following files below provide information concerning immunizations necessary for students to remain in school. Please call your campus nurse if you have any questions.

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Texas Department of State Health Services

In the event that immunizations are needed, Parents may take children to one of the facilities listed below. Please bring the child's most current immunization record when you go for immunizations. (You may download this from your child’s Skyward account.)

-- Their personal physician/nurse practioner/primary care provider

--Orange County Health Department 2014 N. 10th Street, Orange, Texas 77630 (409) 266-1888

-- Deweyville Health Clinic at 2493 Hwy 12 E., Deweyville, TX (409)746-7000

--Walgreens 1408 N. 16th Street, Orange, Texas 77630 (409) 883-0876

-- Griffith Family Health and Convenient Care Center at 3838 W. Park Ave (409)886-8700

-- Gulf Coast Health Center at 610 Strickland, Orange, Texas 77630 (409)886-4400

-- Kroger Family Center Pharmacy 1600 16th St, Orange, Texas 77630 (409)883-6397 

--CVS 2425 N. 16th Street Orange, Texas 77630 (409)886-3546

The above facilities may also provide flu vaccine to interested individuals.

2021-2022 Texas Minimum State Vaccine Requirements for Students K-12

2021-2022 Texas Minimum State Vaccine Requirements for Childcare-PreK

For information regarding the 2021-2022 Texas Minimum State Vaccine Requirements for College and University entry-



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