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Message From the Director

As we move into the 2024-2025 school year, exciting things are happening in the LCM Child Nutrition department.  The LCM Child Nutrition department was once again named, “Best of the Bunch” by the Texas Department of Agriculture.  We will continue our excellence by providing nutritious meals to all students served in our school cafeterias.  Each of the districts 5 cafeterias have received new and upgraded equipment to better serve high quality meals.  This year we will be working with Oak Farms Dairy to provide all of our milk for the district.

Our goal in the Child Nutrition department is to provide good and healthy food for your child every day.  We are always trying new items and are looking for ways to get more students to eat in the cafeteria.  We know as parents that children get into a routine and do not want to deviate from that routine.  Many times this means not eating healthy foods. 

I can assure you that we are serving restaurant quality food in our cafeterias that are not only good, but nutritious and healthy as well.  Our school cafeterias follow the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program.  Although these are federally funded programs and there are certain requirements that as a district we must abide by, the food is still good and nutritious.  

If your child has not been eating in the cafeteria or “does not like” the food in the cafeteria due to experiences in the past, please have him or her give it another try.  They will be surprised at how much the quality of food in our cafeterias has changed.  The food is not like the food that you and I had in our school cafeterias.  Also, the fact that trying something new is FREE, since all students can get a free breakfast and lunch each day.

I expect nothing average from my team of cafeteria managers and their staffs.  I expect them to be the best and my goal is that all of our cafeterias will be the premier cafeterias that everyone wants to model their cafeteria after.  This is a big goal, but a goal that we will rise to.

If there is ever a concern or question about the Child Nutrition department or the operation of our cafeterias, please do not hesistate to contact me at

Thank you,

Steve Lisbony, Child Nutrition Director