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Dyslexia Services:

The mission of Little Cypress Mauriceville CISD’s dyslexia program is to properly identify students with dyslexia, provide academic support that meets their individual needs and assist the student in developing skills to compensate for any difficulties they may have in order to become successful individuals.

Dyslexia services are offered each of the district’s six campuses. The district has 17 dyslexia specialists who have completed the necessary course work in the Neuhaus licensed dyslexia practitioner program.  They primarily use the highly regarded Neuhaus dyslexia intervention program in a pull-out setting, while supplementing a variety of instructional models to meet the individual needs of the student with dyslexia within in the classroom, including pull-out reading instruction, reading and study skills classes, and classroom accommodations. The goal of these services is for students to gain mastery of skills and concepts to become independent, capable readers. In addition, both teacher and parent education opportunities are provided regularly.  Individual parent training is also available at parent request.

DYSLEXIA:  In 1995, Texas passedTexas Education Code §38.003 which mandated the screening and treatment for dyslexia and related disorders.  The provisions of state law have been published in the Texas State Dyslexia Handbook.

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