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Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent, Stacey Brister Welcome to Little Cypress–Mauriceville Consolidated Independent School District (LCM CISD)! 

Thank you for visiting our website, where you can get a closer look at just who we are. Our mission is to graduate young adults with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in this ever-changing technological world. We accomplish this by providing each student with an individualized and well-rounded education. We are committed to equity and excellence for all. Doing what is best for students is our business.

Each student, parent, and member of our community, staff, and board is a valuable member of the LCM CISD family and is important in the education process. Your input and involvement are essential to the growth, development, and success of the individual and the District.


If you would like to serve on a campus or district committee, work as a volunteer, help with the LCM Education Foundation, or participate in any of the numerous booster clubs throughout the District, please call any one of our campuses or the District Administration Office at 409-883-2232, extension 2080. Parent/teacher conferences are encouraged and may be scheduled through the campus office. 

The District, area, state, national, and international accomplishments by our students and staff reflect the cooperation, collaboration and dedication of those mentioned above. They are promoted by positive learning environments created through a common vision, unity of purpose, mutual trust and respect, and a commitment to one another and the District to uphold the standard of excellence for all and the goal of continuous improvement.

Our people are our greatest resource and the reason for our success. We greatly appreciate the sacrifices and efforts made by all to ensure that LCMCISD is the best it can be and that it empowers our students and staff to be the same.

Stacey Brister
Superintendent of Schools
Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD